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our story


akshar ayurveda is a non-profit created and operated by an international team of volunteers. Fundamentally rooted in the organization’s single most important principle - Purity Always Comes First - the team of volunteers aims to bring the very best of the ancient science of life to individuals across the globe.

With the expansion of the global market for herbal products, many products have been introduced into the marketplace that lack authentic formulation and that do not follow the preparation guidelines provided in the ancient texts. In Ayurveda, the quality and effectiveness of the end product are directly correlated to the purity of the process and the purity of the individuals handling the raw ingredients. As per the instructions in the Ayurvedic texts, our team realized the need to focus on both the purity of the process and the purity of the individuals handling the process.


Ayurveda is an exact science that requires both purity in intention and the purity in the process.  The purer the process, the more potent the product.  The science is so exact that the ancient texts give very clear and strict instructions on what times of day the herbs should be harvested, the purity and cleanliness of the growing site, and even the physical, mental, and spiritual purity of the individuals handling the raw ingredients.

The simple and textually accurate process we use was established with love and devotion decades ago, as a means of providing pure, effective, and authentic herbal products to markets across India.  We also utilize a sustainability-focused state-of-art facility to produce all the herbal products.


However, after observing many ‘herbal’ products in the global market infused with hidden and artificial ingredients, a group of volunteers came together with the desire to expand what we were able to offer in India to people everywhere, across the world.  As a result of their passion for service, akshar ayurveda was formed.

We lead with the ideals of purity in intention, care for the process, and love for all.  Thanks to the team’s focused meditation practices, their adherence to core Vedic principles, and their desire to serve and elevate humanity, we are able to stay focused and thoroughly committed to the vision of providing families everywhere with the benefits of pure, herbal products.