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our process


Our process focuses on the fundamental principle of purity.

According to Ayurvedic texts, the quality of the end product is directly related to the purity of the raw materials and the purity of the people handling them.

Ayurveda educates us on the interconnectedness of everything in nature. The thoughts, the cleanliness, and the mental and physical purity of the individuals handling the products, the time of day something is sourced, the effect of the time of day in preparation, what type of soil an ingredient is planted in and many other factors that have a powerful energetic impact on the end product.

The potency and the effectiveness of an Ayurvedic product can be altered drastically simply because of one of these factors being overlooked. Instead of overlooking any of these factors, our process strictly adheres to the textual guidelines and creates an end product that is unparalleled in quality and efficacy.

In the texts there are clear instructions on the requirement of pure handlers:

One who has cleansed (bathed), one who has and regularly fasts, and after one has performed good and pious karmas should one handle and process the herbs and roots.

(an excerpt from the Ashtānga Hridaya Samhitā)


The Purity of the Body

The individuals handling the herbs in our facilities all wake up early, bathe for ritualistic physical cleansing and perform a religious puja for ritualistic mental cleansing. The employees at the manufacturing facility also fast regularly: almost every 15 days. Many of them may even perform various fasts for up to 4 months out of the year. All workers at the facility are provided a free clean, natural, healthy and freshly cooked vegetarian meal to support a healthy lifestyle.

The Purity of the Mind

Every morning, work begins only after all employees come together and create space for each other to find a calm, centered and grounded state of mind through morning meditation and prayer sessions. We aim to maintain a workplace that is welcoming, supportive, healthy, and productive.


The Purity of the Raw Materials

In terms of the process of actually making the herbal products, we employ an instant dry grinding technique. The raw materials that need to be dried are placed into the machine, solar dried instantly, pulverized, and encapsulated. This technique helps maintain the potency and the freshness of our products.

Last but not least, we stand behind the quality of our products. The raw ingredients are cleaned of any contaminants multiple times throughout the production cycle. Before processing the raw materials, all the seeds are removed. The raw material is then cleaned via a sortex machine (machine-cleaned) and then cleaned again manually by workers to ensure no foreign objects have been left behind.

All the products produced by akshar ayurveda are also tested twice before leaving the facility. The first time it is tested is instantly upon the end of production. The second time it is tested is within the testing lab on the premises of the manufacturing facility prior to shipment.

We cut no corners in producing quality products for our customers. We abide by the rules and guidelines of the Ayurvedic texts to provide potent and effective herbal products. We will focus on always creating herbal products as efficiently as possible and on always ensuring that akshar ayurveda is abiding by the Ayurvedic texts.