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our ingredients

One of the most important elements of herbal products are the herbs themselves.  Special care is taken to ensure the absolute best herbs are used in the production of any akshar ayurveda product.

Although some of the herbs we use are grown on our own farms near the manufacturing facility, the majority of the herbs we use are fairly traded with local farmers throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Why trade with farmers across the entire subcontinent?
Isn’t that a waste of time and also not cost-effective?
Why not just grow all the herbs yourself near the manufacturing plant?

All important questions - the process of collecting the right herbs, from the right farmers, in the right locations is definitely time-consuming and also not the most cost-effective means of doing so.  However, since certain herbs are grown best under certain climates and physical conditions, it is better to obtain those types of herbs from local farmers and thereby ensuring quality herbs and the cultivation of those herbs as per Ayurvedic texts.

A rigorous selection process for obtaining raw materials is practiced.  Samples are obtained from many different farmers, the samples are tested, and only then are the best quality producing farms selected and used in our products.  Along the way, the guidelines and instructions for verifying purity have been refined over the years.

Our goal is not to just make herbal products but to make herbal products correctly, to keep them pure, and to ensure they are effective.